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Dimensions of Channel Coding: Special Issue Dedicated to the Memory of Alexander Vardy
Guest editors
Tuvi Etzion
Paul H. Siegel
Han Mao Kiah
Hessam Mahdavifar
Farzad Parvaresh
Moshe Schwartz
Ido Tal
Eitan Yaakobi
Xinmiao Zhang

This special issue of the IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Information Theory is dedicated to the memory of Alexander Vardy, a pioneer in the theory and practice of channel coding. His ground-breaking contributions ranged from unexpected solutions of longstanding theoretical conjectures to ingenious decoding algorithms that broke seemingly insurmountable barriers to code performance. Inspired not just by the mathematical beauty of coding theory but also by its engineering utility, Alexander Vardy developed novel coding techniques that have had a profound impact on modern information technology, including computer memories, data storage systems, satellite communications, and wireless cellular networks. At the same time, his innovations left their imprint on other scientific disciplines, such as information theory, computer science, and discrete mathematics.